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"Through his striking works, multidisciplinary artist and photographer Andrei Nemirschi explores human interaction. Whether in urban settings or out in nature, his portraits and videos celebrate the essence of the female form. As if gazing into a private moment, his intimate works invite the viewer to explore confidential secrets and stories.


Nemirschi’s path to discovering his artistry was an unconventional one. Born in Romania (1983), he qualified as an engineer at the University of Bucharest, then later gained a Master’s degree in Criminal Sciences at Ovidius University of Constanța.


But these seemingly opposing disciplines were not entirely unconnected.


Aligning his fascination with both humanity and science, Nemirschi’s works are informed by his expertise in these areas. Passionate about the world and how humans interact with it, Nemirschi seeks to represent society’s conscious wants and subconscious needs.


This is heightened further by his aphantasia - the inability to visualise imagery in the mind. Therefore, Nemirschi’s works are the visual expression of what he wants to communicate but cannot see internally.


The result is an arresting body of work that tells compelling stories of femininity in all its guises. Each of Nemirschi’s portraits are born from the connection he has with the subject. His intention? To provoke self-introspection by holding up a mirror to the world.


A true polymath, Nemirschi has experienced great success as a music writer and producer, responsible for the international smash hit, Mr. Saxobeat, with various Gold and Platinum certifications to show for. An intrepid adventurer, Nemirschi explored the North Pole in 2015 as part of a sea ice research team.


On a ceaseless quest to uncover more about the human condition, Nemirschi is currently completing a Psychology degree at Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest."

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